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Ultimate Body Glider

Ultimate Body Glider

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Get BIG arms and RIPPED abs! And get in the best shape of your life!

Now you can take your workout to a whole new level with The Ultimate Body Glider!


This specially designed piece of equipment uses the combination of your body weight and a high tech polyoxymethylene surface that easily glides on any carpet. Or you can simply attach the FREE cover for use on wood, tiles, or linoleum for a high intensity and rapid workout!

Take an ordinary exercise and turn it from simple to complex by engaging multiple muscle groups while stabilizing your body using your core.



The Ultimate Body Glider allows you to experience new movements that work your muscles like never before. This is insane! Activate cardio endurance while engaging core strength with GLIDER FLIES, Build massive upper body strength with GLIDER PIKES, Get AB ripping results with the OBLIQUE GLIDER, And target your lower body with SCISSOR GLIDERS for a total body workout in as little as 10 minutes a day! No dumbbells! No machines or Memberships!

Rapidly move from one exercise to another! This high intensity workout uses your entire body weight against yourself! The Total Body Glider provides results that no machine can match!

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  • Is there a weight limit on how much you can put onto the handles? Up to 300lbs

  • What are the dimensions of product? Unit Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 6” inch

  • How heavy are they? The Ultimate Body Gliders are about 2 lbs

  • Does the Ultimate Body Glider come pre-assembled? Yes, there is no assembly required!

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